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  • Solar Energy

    We facilitate adoption of solar energy in urban and rural areas

  • Wind Energy

    Clean, renewable wind energy source with zero-carbon foot print

  • Biomass Energy

    We convert biomass into fuel for household and industrial use

  • Waste Management

    We convert waste materials into useful products and conserve our environments

Welcome to Greenovate Official Webiste!

Greenovate was founded in 2010with a team of Professionals as a grassroots movement with one paramount goal “Finding a way for mankind to co-exist with the planet to ensure an environmentally clean future”. Greenovate works along the innovation value chain from research to market with a strong focus on Renewable Energy Technology Solutions (RETs). We work under the slogan: "Renew world, Renew Life"  read more →

About Us

We combine business and social potential to create innovative ideas that impact the community and push the barriers towards sustainable growth.

Our Services

We disseminate and practice information precisely on how sustainability can help businesses both immediately and in the long-term.

Our Works

Greenovate has a growing list of fantastic green innovation projects in Tanzania that are geared towards social-economic objectives.

Contact Us

Help our community make the switch to sustainable thinking. Want to share something with us? Please write us and we will be happy to hear from you.